FEBRUARY 2018 at the SALON

Oscar-Nominated Short Documentaries
at the Regent Square Theater

The Salon is back with the Academy's picks for best documentary short films.  This year they screen at the Regent Square Theater in two sets:

Program A:
TRAFFIC STOP  The story of a routine traffic stop. White cop, black driver...

HEAVEN IS A TRAFFIC JAM ON THE 405  Sculpture and drawing are Mindy Alper's self-treatment against lifelong mental illness...

EDITH+EDDIE  She's 96, he's 95, and they're recently married. But her daughter is unhappy because he's white...

Program B:
HEROIN(E)  Three women--a fire chief, a judge, and an outreach minister--battle addiction and despair in Huntington, WV.

KNIFE SKILLS  Can a group of ex-cons assemble to create the best traditional French restaurant in the country? 

All the films run 30-40 minutes.  Come for Program A, B, or both.  We will congregate at a nearby tavern afterward to talk about them.

Friday, Feb. 16
Regent Square Theater
Program A  6:00p
Program B  8:00p
Discussion  9:20p