APRIL 2017 at the SALON


Put a frame around someone, and that person becomes an image.
Bring that image into the editing room, and it becomes a character.
Present that character on the screen, and... who or what does the audience see?
This month we look at four short films that brought people through that process:

  •      No Place But Home, about an icon of local filmmaking
  •       It Got Better, about the private life of a celebrity
  •       Dealing with the Truth, about a “dishonest” car dealer
  •       The John Show, about an ordinary fellow who got a LOT of attention

Within the category of documentaries called the profile film or character study, we’ll examine if it’s possible for a film to stay true to the person it portrays. 

Filmmakers from all four films—Ryan Loew & Matthew Newton, Doree Simon, Will Zavala, and Julie Sokolow--will be in attendance.

Supported in part by a Seed Award from The Sprout Fund.

Thursday, April 13
6:30p  Food & Social

7:00p  Screening & Discussion

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