JANUARY 2016 at the SALON

The Big Picture
presented by Kirsi Jansa

“Climate Change” 
It’s a mild way of saying something that’s actually big and scary--the potential devastation of essential living systems on Earth.  Can filmmakers help people see a problem as overwhelming as this?
Five years ago, Kirsi Jansa set out to draw the big picture by telling small stories.  She produced an acclaimed series of short documentaries called Gas Rush Stories that chronicled the “fracking” boom in Pennsylvania. Then, with the short documentary series Sustainability Pioneers, Kirsi chose to focus on solutions and not just problems. And yes, her ultimate goal is to effect change, to move people from climate awareness to climate action.  In this month’s Salon, Kirsi will screen some of the videos and share her often-challenging experiences of using visual stories to help save the world.
Kirsi Jansa is a visiting research scholar and video journalist at The Institute for Green Science at Carnegie Mellon University. She is a native of Finland, where she worked for the Finnish Broadcasting Company, TV2, and several magazines as a freelance reporter and journalist since 1993.

Thursday, January 21
6:30p  Food & Social
7:00p  Screening & Discussion

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