DECEMBER 2015 at the SALON

presented by David D'Agostino
Animal Love, by Ulrich Seidl

Documentaries, we thought, gain their power from their claim to be truthful.  But some filmmakers seek the same "truth" through staging, directing people as actors, crafting and writing.  At what point are we watching fiction here?  David D'agostino will show us samples of unreliable (yet remarkable) nonfiction, and fiction with documentary qualities.  Expect clips from Ulrich Seidl, Werner Herzog, John Cassavetes, Larry David, Harmony Korine, reality TV, Robert Bresson, and maybe some Trailer Park Boys!

Friday, Dec. 11
6:30p Food & Social
7:00p Screening & Discussion

NOTE:  Downstairs this night it's filmMAKERS friday!  Come as early as 5:30p, and for just $5, you get a drink, nibbles, live music, and access to media-making and help.  If you're just coming for the Doc Salon, tell them at the door and they'll let you pass upstairs without charge.

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