OCTOBER 2015 at the SALON

Deep Analysis:  Nasiona (The Seeds)
 presented by Will Zavala

Let's slow down and look at something really closely.  This month, we take a short film and break it down like chemists breaking down a compound substance into its elements.  The film I've chosen is Nasiona (Polish for "The Seeds").  It's a 27-minute film by Wojtek Kaspersky that portrays a family in a poor, remote region of Russia, and is one of the most beautiful documentaries--visually, and in how it treats its subjects--that you've probably never seen.  We'll watch it through, then look at one or two scenes a second time.  I'll lead the discussion, but the reactions and thoughts of everyone are what the evening is about.  We will all leave with a little better understanding of cinema, and documentary in particular.

Tuesday, October 27

6:30p Food & Social
7:00p Discussion & Screening