MARCH 2015 at the SALON



"Dr. Evermor" aka Tom Every is a scrap metal sculptor who masterminded the "Organ Room" at Spring Grove Wisconsin's "House on the Rock".  He then went on to create his own sculpture Park near Baraboo Wisconsin.  The centerpiece of this park is a huge scrap metal sculpture called the "Forevertron" that Evermor explains he'll ascend to the heavens in when it's time to die.  At one time, this sculpture was declared by the Guinness Book of World records to be the world's largest scrap metal sculpture.  It has since been superseded.

In addition to this impressive achievement, he's made a plethora of scrap metal sculptures evocative of birds - most of which, if not all, have musical instruments incorporated into them. The filmmaker has constructed a portrait from visits in 1998 and 2011 with Dr. Evermor and his partner of many decades, Lady Eleanor.  He now resides in a nursing home.

Friday, March 20  6:30p

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