OCTOBER 2014 at the SALON

Harun Farocki
presented by Randall Halle
A selection of works from German filmmaker Harun Farocki (1940-2014) will be presented by Pitt professor Randall Halle, as part of his course on the German Avant-garde, including:

Inextinguishable Fire (1969)
"When we show you pictures of napalm victims, you'll shut your eyes. You'll close your eyes to the pictures. Then you'll close them to the memory. And then you'll close your eyes to the facts." 
Thus begins Farocki's critique of American action in Vietnam, and the role of Americanbusiness, labor, and  citizenry in the war. 

Workers Leaving the Factory (1995)
Based on one of the Lumière brothers’ historic first films, Farocki creates a montage of scenes from 100 years of film history, all variations on the theme of “workers leaving the factory.” Farocki uses the pictures to reflect on the iconography and economy of a workers’ society, as well as that of cinema itself, which tends to acquire its audience at the gates of the factory and hijack them into the private sphere.

Tuesday, October 7
6:30p  Food & Social
7:00p  Screening & Discussion

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