MAY 2014 at the SALON

presented by visiting filmmaker Florian Baron

FLORIAN BARON is a German filmmaker currently researching a documentary based in Pittsburgh.  He will present two recent works:

The images of this film are impressions of a journey, the narration are fragments of a journal. The author's travels to Japan and Easter Island bring back a feeling from his childhood: a fear of being alone, and a longing for it. It also makes him reflect on his place in society: What role do the global catastrophes of our time play for the way we define ourselves? In what way does a war, a natural disaster or the radioactive fallout of Fukushima connect to one's personal history?
2012 / 60 min. / Germany, Japan, Chile

prececed by 
It is 2010, and Mexico is celebrating 200 years of independence from Spain, and 100 years since the "Mexican Revolution" of Pancho Villa and others. In this setting we want to shoot a documentary film about Mexico's turbulent history and its contemporary situation. We get into a taxi. This is how our film starts.
2010 / 17 min. / Mexico

Friday, May 16
6:30p Food & Social
7:00p Screening & Discussion 

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