DECEMBER 2013 at the SALON

Darwin's Nightmare
by Hubert Sauper, presented by Will Zavala

Darwin’s Nightmare is a fully realized poetic vision. 

-David Denby, The New Yorker

This is a film about fish. A particular species of fish, who were introduced to Lake Victoria in Tanzania, and promptly took control of the place.  It’s also about people, food, the environment, epidemic, inequality, Africa, Russia and Western Europe.  And about some stuff I won’t give away.  It encapsulates the complex phenomenon of globalization in a most harrowing but elegant way.  I was very impressed when I saw the film in 2007, and would like to share it with the Salon members.

Darwin's Nightmare (1 hr 47 min) was nominated for an Academy Award nominee in 2006 and won numerous festival awards around the world.

Saturday, December 7  6:30p

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