OCTOBER 2013 at the SALON


Movie cameras are myopic.  Even a wide-angle lens captures no more than a tenth of the visual sphere from any point, at any given time.  And they roll so briefly in time.

What does this have to do with home movies?  It means that those films are narrow slices of the past. That they project something about the people and places in front of the lens, but the pans, tilts, zooms, and shakes always refer to the person behind it, as well. We are ever-reminded that there's a story surrounding each camcorder session or each 50-foot reel of 8mm film.

It is these stories that are the topic of this month's Documentary Salon.  We're taking a field trip to join "Home Movie Day" an annual event being celebrated in cities across the USA, including Pittsburgh.  All Salon members are invited to bring the Regular 8, Super 8, and 16mm home movies, first to the Film Clinic for cleaning and evaluation, and hopefully (if it's safe to project) for screening.  Plan to tell us about the circumstances in your family or your own life that are represented in the film...or that the film didn't capture. Home movies are documents, and they--with your help--tell a story.  Maybe they're not documentaries, but they hold the best of what documentary offers.

Saturday, October 19
5-8p Drop in
The Apartment
113 44th St. in Lawrenceville

You don't have to show to attend!  If you want to show, write to:
pghdocsalon@gmail.com for special instructions.

Home Movie Day is a conducted by the University of Pittsburgh, and the Carnegie Museum of Art.


Also... don't miss the Pittsburgh premiere of the Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Brought to the 'burgh by Salon member Mark Dixon, on Wednesday, Oct. 16 at the Phipps Conservatory, 6-10pm.

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