There are TWO Salon meetings this month...

The Battle of Chile
(1975-79) by Patricio Guzmán
presented by Bob Buncher

"The major political film of our times - a magnificent achievement." – Tom Allen,Village Voice

"A landmark in the presentation of living history on film." – Judy Stone, San Francisco Chronicle

This month is the 40th anniversary of the coup d'etat that deposed the president of Chile. This epochal event, what led up to it, and what followed are documented in the brilliant trilogy The Battle of Chile, by Patricio Guzman.  Bob will show extended segments from each of the three films.

Friday, September 20  6:30p

Understanding Istanbul

presented by Aytac Akkan Karaguzel and Erberk Eryilmaz

Turkey is the most democratic Muslim country in the Middle East. Yet mass anti-government protests have shaken our perception of Turkey as "friend to the West" and a the rock of stability in that turbulent region. To better comprehend the recent unrest, and its roots in Turkish society, Aytac and Erberk, a local filmmaker and a composer will show two films:

Reaction! (21 min. Aytac Akkan Karaguzel), about Eryilmaz's musical homage to Uğur Mumcu, a relentless journalist whose assassination twenty years ago carries a message of courage today.

Istanbul Rising (18 min., Vice TV), an independent journalist's account of the recent protests in Istanbul, which arose out of resistance to the government's plans to raze a park in the center of the city.

Tuesday, September 24  6:30p

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