OCTOBER 2011 at the SALON

a work-in-progress by Julie Sokolow

David Matthews can’t get a date. He is a writer and artist with a great sense of humor
and impeccable dry delivery. He’s scored solo art shows around Pittsburgh, readings at
coffee shops, and acting gigs in a few short films. He’s got a nice job, house, and car,
and could even treat a lady to dinner. So what’s the problem?

At forty years of age, David was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. This late-in-life
diagnosis and lack of treatment in childhood has left David with a lot of catching up to
do. Although David is highly intelligent, he has a major blind spot: empathy and
understanding of the human, especially female, psyche.

Aspie Seeks Love follows David’s journey to surpass the limitations of Asperger’s,
improve as a person, writer, and artist, and find a meaningful relationship. The
documentary has been in production since June 2011 and is in its early stages. Raw
footage will be shown and critiques will be encouraged and appreciated.

About the Director:
Julie Sokolow is a musician, writer, and filmmaker.  From 2010 to 2011 she was a finalist in Ridley Scott’s Life in a Day contest, won best director at the Sprocket Guild’s Film Festival, a Creative Capital Flight School Fellowship, Pittsburgh Filmmakers First Works Grant, and
Heinz Endowment. 


Friday, October 28  6:30p
Admission is free.

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