JUNE 2011 at the SALON



Jonathan Minard and Michael Pisano are the principals of deepspeed media, currently producing a documentary about the first-ever privately funded mission to the Moon. They will show a trailer from that project, as well as two other short films about art and science in extreme environments:
Submersible (9 min.)
Lauren Mullineaux is an astronaut of the deep sea. As a marine biologist who studies hydrothermal vent communities, she has become intimately familiar with one of the most extreme habitats on Earth, miles below the ocean’s surface.

Moonrush (Trailer, 7 min.)
The first privately funded mission to the Moon will launch in 2013, pioneered by a legendary Pittsburgh roboticist and his team of students at Carnegie Mellon University. This breakthrough is the first step in a mission that will continue well beyond our lifetimes.

Space Artist (11 min.)
Lowry Burgess, a pioneer space artist, has over thirty years of experience collaborating with NASA and creating visionary artworks in a cosmic context. In 2013, a robotic mission from Carnegie Mellon, the first commercially funded lunar expedition, will send his art to the Moon.
Saturday, June 11 6:30p
Admission is free.

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