MAY 2011 at the SALON

Live From Indonesia
SAKTI PARANTEAN is a Jakarta-based filmmaker making documentaries with his company, Fictionary Media Technology. We will show several short films and then Sakti will join us via Video Skype for a Q & A.

A Different Jakarta (17 min) To be young and underwater, in the seasonal flooding of Indonesia's capital city.

Pork or Chicken (12 min) A day in the life of Novi, a Chinese 10-year-old girl in Jakarta. Her days are about work, not school.

Art of Deception (21 min) How could the ancient treasures of Indonesia's national museum be spirited away and replaced with fakes? A remarkable work of investigative journalism first aired on Al Jazeera English.

And we'll show an excerpt from 55 Hours in Aceh, a journal of the filmmaker's visit to the region devastated by the 2004 tsunami.

Join us for these multiple views of the world's fourth most-populous country.

Friday, May 27
6:30p Food and Social
7:00p Screening

Admission is free.

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