OCTOBER 2010 at the SALON


(aka Witchcraft Through the Ages)
1922 Denmark, by Benjamin Christensen

The single, persistent question with which viewers are left after viewing Häxan (The Witch) is, what is it? Part illustrated exploration of the history of witchcraft, part grisly horror film, part burlesque comedy and part condescending reappraisal of the ignorant past, Häxan is nothing if not utterly unique, a compelling oddity that still retains its often shocking effectiveness and, despite being left out of many conventional film histories, is one of the most artful and influential of all silent films.
-James Kendrick, KinoEye.org

Not sure how a film can be both an oddity and influential, but it's a delightful documentary, or whatever-it-is. Will, your host, will celebrate Danish diabolism with his brew of the intoxicating hot drink gløgg, along with the usual non-alcoholic selections. Please bring something to drink or snack, and we'll head into the screening room early, at 6:45p, with an introduction by the director Christensen, filmed in 1941.

Friday, October 29
6:30p Social
6:45p Intro to Häxan
7:00p Häxan

Meanwhile, some Salon members are getting a great documentary project off the ground with a Kickstarter campaign. It's called "Sust Enable: The Metamentary":

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