MAY 2010 at the SALON

Troubadour Blues
a work-in-progress presented by Tom Weber

From Tom:
For the past seven years I have crisscrossed the country, recording shows, open-ended interviews, and casual encounters with the more than two dozen troubadours--solitary traveling musicians. I asked them a lot of questions about where their songs come from, what kind of experiences they've had on the road, what they think about the state of the music business, what motivates them to get up every morning and drive hundreds of miles to another gig. But mostly, I watched and listened. I got to know them one at a time, immersing myself in their music and following them from town to town. I asked each artist to introduce me to a fellow troubadour whom she or he admired, following a long chain of friendships among members of this traveling fraternity.

Troubadour Blues is the story of these modern-day wandering minstrels who ply their trade outside the media spotlight and far from the glitzy world of pop stardom.

Tom is near completion on this 95-minute film, and would welcome feedback before he finishes.

Friday, May 28 6:30p

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