JUNE 2010 at the SALON


Herederos del Agobio - Inheritors of a Burden
(working title)
A work in progress (14 min.)

This documentary looks into the history of Flamenco arts in the USA, focusing on aspects of migration, cultural identity, and historical overview dwelling in the complicated structures that have brought the sorrowful expression of an oppressed group of people in Southern Spain into the United States. What motivates contemporary flamenco aficionados and professionals to pursue careers in the US? What is at the core of this art that resonates with people all over the world? These are some of the inquiries motivating our passionate investigation into the soul of flamenco.

Hibridos sin Lineaje
23 min.
What are we other than small moments captured in our memories,
fragments of words heard, snapshots of places we have witnessed,
people we have once been close to? Hibridos sin Lineaje is an
experiment in representing that which refuses to be captured,
catalogued, identified. It’s a journey, a collection of moments,
words, sounds, colors, melodies… a falling into the rabbit’s hole.

Friday, June 25 6:30p

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