DECEMBER 2009 at the SALON

Music and Documentaries

MUSIC HAS NO PLACE IN DOCUMENTARY. Real life doesn’t come with a musical score, so if doc's purport to represent real life, why mess with that by adding music to the soundtrack? The use of a musical score suggests a sentimental attachment to the traditional Hollywood fiction filmmaking, and a lack of faith in the power of the documentary footage.

ALL AGREED? Then come and support the manifesto. Don’t agree? Then come and bring an example of how added music made the documentary better. It would be interesting to see filmmakers’ own work and hear about how they made musical choices. Non-filmmakers can bring films with especially-memorable scenes that include music--or are music-free! Bring a clip of a documentary that was:
  • enhanced by outside music added to the soundtrack
  • diminished by it
  • better for not using it
  • could've used some music
or any other scene where added music struck you as noteworthy.
In keeping with the potluck nature of the program, you are encouraged to bring a little food.

Friday, Dec. 4 6:30p

1 comment:

Will said...

Um, what if the documentary is -about- music? I think we have found the exception.