THIS MONTH at the SALON: July '09

presented by the filmmaker Laura Magone

This documentary tells the story of a small street in the
river town of Monongahela, PA. Immigrants came to the
town for work and formed a community in the small Park Avenue neighborhood, allowed for extraordinary successes of their children and grandchildren. Featuring:
  • Joe Montana, Hall of Fame Quarterback
  • Gen. Carl E. Vuono, 31st U.S. Army Chief of Staff
  • Dr. Fred Cox, D.C., inventor of the Nerf Football, all-time leading scorer for the Minnesota Vikings
  • Dr. Deirdre Bair, Ph.D., acclaimed biographer and Winner of the National Book Award
  • Jim Jimirro, Founder of the Disney Channel
  • Mary Ann Barkey, first woman to climb a telephone pole for Bell of PA
  • Vincent Bartolotta, JD, a top trial attorney in the United States
  • John Taylor Gatto, New York City and State Teacher of the Year, author and lecturer
  • and many more...

Laura premiered this film in 2008. She is now looking
for input on any technical issues. and on how to tighten it
up for film festival entry.

"One Extraordinary Street"
Running Time: 95 min.

Tuesday, July 7 6:30p

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