THIS MONTH at the SALON: June '09

work-in-progress (60 min.)
presented by Jim Meacci

from the filmmaker:
When I was twenty-one, I took care of my grandmother. Her name was Jane and she had Alzheimer’s. Fourteen years later, through a crystalline lens, I connect the confusion of the present, the uncertainty of the past, and the crescive bark of the future like arms locked in a game of Red Rover (ready to be broken).

Miscast as myself, I star in this film called "Money is a Vegetable." In it, I uncover what being a man can mean, with a re-acquaintanceship of place and land, how routine defines the substantiation of our personhood, and how to extract humor from the sad mish-mash of right mindedness.

“Just shoot me if I get like that.” I’ve heard that said of aging, Alzheimer’s, and disease. But who are we to decide what other souls need. Most of us barely know what we need. Or want.

In the initial stages of editing, I hope to discover what this film wants to be. I look forward to sharing this work with you all, and to your invaluable input.

This is the re-scheduled screening from the May meeting.

Tuesday, June 2 6:30p

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