THIS MONTH at the SALON: May '09

Jim Meacci was scheduled to show his work-in-progress in May, but via his envoy Mike, he requested a June showing instead. The extension was granted, the fifth of Skyy playing no part in the decision. This prompted John Landis--who had treated us all to delicious chili--to head down to the Filmmakers library with tENT, where they raided the video cabinets and came back upstairs with two DVDs: "Berlin: Symphony of a City" and a collection of short documentaries compiled by Full Frame. Will then displayed both video covers to each attendee, and by a 6-5 vote, the group decided to watch the short films. Everyone liked at least one of the shorts (including Lucy Tsak Tsak, Why Can't We Be a Family?, Laughing Club of India, and Mojave Mirage), which is the point of any shorts program!

Tuesday, May 5 6:30p

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