THIS MONTH at the SALON: Feb '09

Voluntarios (30-40 min., work-in-progress)
presented by Justin Crimone and Mark Staley

A documentary about The Whole Foods Market Team Member Volunteer Program in Guatemala with Corporate Alliance/GVI, as experienced by Mark Staley. The short features stories about:
  • The Pena Blanca Indigenous Communities Teaching Program in Panajachel, Guatemala where volunteers work and play with grade students to support their growth education
  • The Stove Project, where volunteers helped support the community with their involvement in building carbon-efficient stoves for the homes of students from the school
  • Micro-loans and the Grameen Bank while visiting the community in Santa Catarina where the Whole Planet Foundation is working
  • Organic coffee farming on Volcano At├Čtlan, where the farmer Martin grows coffee for Allegro, a Whole Foods Market company
  • Mayan culture in Guatemala.
The Guatemala footage was shot by Mark and the film is edited by Justin Crimone (Zeno Films). Mark and Justin will be present at the screening to give a talk about the volunteer program and answer questions about this trip.

This is a work in progress and we would love as much input into its creation as we can get.
It's for the community by the community.

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