THIS MONTH at the SALON: Dec '08

Our next meeting will be on Friday, December 5, and
will feature the premiere of short documentaries by Pittsburgh-based
The Program:
205. T.I.A.R.A. - 7:42 - 2000
A Melbourne, Australia based group of "Terrorists"
go on a spree of repurposing billboards.

228. Anemia of the Paparazzi - 8:52 - 2000/02
A documentary about the wedding of painter/performer Joe Coleman
& domainatrix Whitney Ward as performed by a ventriloquist figure
in the name of the Church of Satan at the American Visionary
Arts Museum in Baltimore.

236. Anti-Neoist Rally - 3:54 - 2000/03
A rally in Australia proposing that "It's always 1 O'Clock"
(as opposed to Alice in Wonderland's "It's always 6 O'Clock")
as a program for improving the world of the worker
by eradicating their lunch break.

242. I.A.C. Deer Head Sculpture @ former Rankin Steel Mill - 8:31 -
> 2000/04
Pittsburgh's Industrial Arts Cooperative made a giant deer head
sculpture at an abandoned steel mill - entirely out of materials
at hand. This is a brief look at the sculpture & an interview
w/ one of IAC's members: Tim Kaulen.

245. Defenders of Goolengook - 17:19 - 2000/04
Eco-activists on the East coast of Australia defend old growth
rain forest from logging.

263. The Ballad of CodyodeeodoooO - 12:58 - 2006-07
A compacted look at a few days w/ a group of people who make
their own boats out of scraps & go on several mnth long journeys
down various US rivers. "Cody", in this case, being a boat made out
of one 50-gallon drum.

Friday, December 5

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