THIS MONTH at the SALON: June 08


"...sometimes ignorance is bliss."

In this short film by Octavio Warnock-Graham, a bi-racial son confronts his mother and her refusal to acknowledge that he is of African American descent. While trying to understand his mother's choices, the filmmaker discovers that too often the truth reveals itself in the unspoken.

This film was chosen as the 1st place documentary winner at the College Emmy Awards, and has received numerous other awards and official selections at festivals nationwide.

Plus, excerpts from...

Whatcha See Is Watcha Get says the opening song. Wattstax, the dynamic film of the 1972 Los Angeles event attended by over 10,000 concertgoers and first billed as the "black Woodstock," getcha plenty! Its performances burn with vitality. Its forays into the neighborhood are a time capsule of pride and pain. And the Richard Pryor comedy riffs that provide the running commentary are a treasure all by themselves.

Wednesday, June 4 6:30p

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