City of Gold, plus more 16mm films
presented by Joe Morrison

City of Gold (1957, Low, Koenig, 22 min.). A groundbreaking film about the Klondike Gold Rush, this National Film Board of Canada production was the first documentary to make extensive and meaningful use of archival photography. If you thought Ken Burns invented the “Ken Burns Effect”, come see City of Gold.

Plus, more vintage 16mm films:
The “educational film” market produced some incredibly dull films for classroom consumption. But mixed among them was some brilliant work by filmmakers of great integrity and artistic vision. Joe will bring a few from his collection to choose from, like:

Heartbeat of a Volcano (1970) Bert Van Bork
Joshua's Soapstone Carving (1981) Don McBrearty
and maybe even the beloved non-doc
Paddle to the Sea (1967) Bill Mason

If you started school after 1980 or so, come experience days of classroom yore. If “yore” pre-1980, relive your childhood—no spitballs!

Joe Morrison is Operations Manager at Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

Tuesday, Feb. 5
6:30p Food & Social
7:00p Screening