ARCHIVE 2006-07

This is a list of Salon Meeting screenings, and presenters, from its inception in April 2006 through October 2007.

07 October Panel Discussion with Jim Seguin, Jose´Muniain, Mia Boccella-Hartle, and Peter Argentine
presented by the Documentary Salon with Women in Film and Media

07 September Kieslowski + Crimone
From The City Of Lodz (Kieslowski) and
Wooden, But Wonderful
presented by Justin Crimone

07 August Born Into Brothels (Briski, Kauffman)
Oscar-winning doc about a photography program for children of prostitutes in Calcutta.
presented by Aruna and Vikram Raman

07 July Brazilliant: Two Docs from Brazil
Agtux (Telling Stories)
(Anaya) and
Ilha das Flores (Isle Of Flowers)
presented by Erica Peiffer and Will Zavala

07 June Billy Jackson Didn't We Ramble On? (Jackson) and
We Are Universal
presented by Billy Jackson

07 May Digging Up Roots: Filmmakers Look at their Parents excerpts from
(Caouette) and
Tell Them Who You Are (Wexler)
presented by Glenn Gobbel

07 Apr Parade Roots: A Memorial Day Perspective (Wilhelm)
work-in-progress, about the Memorial Day Parade in Aspinwall, PA
presented by Clint Wilhelm

07 Mar Pascua Lama (Garcia, Loyola-Garcia)
work-in-progress, about plans to mine a remote region of Chile for gold, and its effects on the village of Pascua Lama,
presented by Gloria Garcia and Carolina Loyola-Garcia

07 Feb Wal-Mart From Many Angles
Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price
Why Wal-Mart Works and Why this Makes Some People Crazy (Galloway, Galloway)
Frontline: Is Wal-Mart Good For America? (Young)
Store Wars: When Wal-mart Comes to Town (Peled)
presented by Barbra Labbie

07 Jan Music Docs
The Making of "The River In Reverse" album with Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint
The Beatles Anthology, excerpt,
presented by Henry Lipput

06 Dec The Other Side (Brown)
Filmmaker Bill Brown’s visual essay on the US/Mexico border,
presented by Erica Peiffer

06 Nov (no meeting)

06 Oct Rare Canadian and French Docs
The Hutterites (1964) (Low) about the Anabaptist religious group in Manitoba.
Le Sang de BĂȘtes (Blood of the Beasts) (1949), (Franju) A meticulous look at a slaughterhouse set in the mistily peaceful Parisian surroundings,
presented by Will Zavala

06 Sept The Center for Documentary Production & Study presents...
Student-produced films from the Center:
BVB Spirit (2005, Peiffer)
About the spirit of the modern-day soccer fan in a German city.
That's Amore (2006)
About the 10th celebration of Steubenville, Ohio's favorite son, Dean Martin.
presented by Jim Seguin

06 August Murray Avenue: A Community in Transition (Chamovitz)
focusing on three established Squirrel Hill stores and the changes in a traditional Jewish neighborhood,
presented by Sheila Chamovitz.

06 July Tara Alexander Veteran Pittsburgh filmmaker Tara Alexander presents recent works-in-progress, including birthing practices in Mexico.

06 June Cause and Effect: The True Story of My Family (2006, Moussoba) presented by Kayan Moussoba, Cause and Effect is a personal documentary about his Lebanese heritage.

06 May Films from South America
No Place, Nowhere (2004, Torres Leiva)
The Taking of Telerama (2005, Jean Ormaza)
presented by Mark Knobil and Karen Antonelli.

06 April When the Forests Ran Red (2001, Matzen, Foster)
he definitive documentary about Braddock's Defeat and the beginnings of the French and Indian War, presented by editor Tom Wilson.

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